Follow the Lamb

  S: And I saw,
B:     And behold,
S: The Lamb standing
B:     On Mount Zion,
All: With a hundred and forty-four thousand,
S: Having His name
B:     And the name
S: Of His Father
B:     Of His Father
All: Written on their foreheads.
  S: These are they
B:     Who are undefiled,
S: These are they
B:     Without guile.
All: These are they who follow the Lamb.
S: These are they
B:     Who were purchased
S: From among men,
B:     Firstfruits to God.
All: These are they who follow the Lamb, who follow the Lamb.
  Those who follow, follow the Lamb,
Live and walk in the mingled spirit
And are thus led, led by the Spirit
Continually, continually in their daily life.
Okuneye Olufemi

Lagos, Nigeria

We shall be produced as fellow overcomer as we follow the first lamb Overcomer!

Glory Jung

Anaheim, CA, United States

May we follow the Lamb in our daily life....even in small little things.

Michelle Mohlala

Pretoria, South Africa

Oh Lord! Amen! Hallelujah!


Taipei, Taiwan


Boaz John

Ludhiana, Punjab, India

Oh Lord, We are follower of You.


Tbilisi, Georgia



Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana

I was in my hostel on campus and so cold the by the Lord's arrangement two brothers visited me and we learnt this song. I really enjoyed the song and my spirit was revived. I ALWAYS WANT TO FOLLOW THE LAMB thus by walking according to my mingled spirit LORD I LOVE YOU!!

Matthew and Jonathan

Irvine, CA, United States

We follow the Lamb and are led by the mingled spirit!

Grace C

Taichung, Taiwan

My brother and I are touched. Thank God!



I have my Father's name written on my forehead.