In this godless age

In this godless age
Lord, You need some Samuels
Burdened with a vision clear of Your economy
Where’s Your ark today?
And the ones who’d care for You,
E’en to put themselves aside to gain Your heart’s desire?
  Raise up some to meet Your need, some Nazarites,
Prophets, priests, and judges, and men of prayer,
Speaking forth Your word, with Your authority,
A photo of Your heart for Your move.
Train us up today,
Full of vision, seeking You,
We’d await Your timing, fully subject to Your will,
Treasuring Your face,
Staying in Your presence, Lord;
E’en the very index of Your eyes would we obey.
  Raise up some to meet Your need, some Nazarites,
To bring in Your kingdom on earth today,
Taking You as King that You may return
To usher in the end of the age.
Rembrandt Sajonia

Tarlac City, Tarlac, Philippines

Lord Jesus, make us Nazarites for today. To speak Your word. Amen.



Oh Lord Jesus!

Jason Hall

Frankfurt, Germany

Make us those through whom You'd close this age!

Ruth Sinclair

Manchester, England, United Kingdom

I absolutely love this song and I totally agree with all the lyrics. Oh, Lord, I want to be a Young person absolute for Your move!


Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Great song. we sang this song when we were blending with the brothers and sisters from east side of Indonesia in Prigen 2015. it was just so great. we are full of Christ. Amen.

Jeramel Doyugan

Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines

Lord we desire to be the Nazarites of matter what.

Andres Mendoza

Irvine, California, United States


Salem Long

Austin, TX, United States

The Lord needs some Samuels in this age!

I was touched to take the Nazarite vow to consecrate my being to the Lord. From this day forward, I will not partake of the product of grapes or cut my hair. Dear saints, I ask that you hold me to this word! Ecclesiastes 5:5 says "It is better that you should not vow than that you should vow and not pay."

Sheila Tecson

Zamboanga Sibugay, Philippines

LORD THANK YOU that You are so faithful to us. We praise You that You rescue us in this godless age... Cause us to love You best that we could aside ourselves to gain Your heart's desire... in ourselves we can't , but we have You! We love You! And we allow You to work in us..

You would be our light to become the testimony in this godless age...


Washington, DC, United States

I love this song! I also never knew there were four verses- only used to the first 2. I was touched this time that The Lord will not return until we take Him as our King. Each day we need to enthrone Him in our thoughts, actions, and in our being. We need to lay the tracks and fear offending Him, really fear doing anything to lose His presence. Oh Lord we are not absolute. Make us Your absolute ones!

2014 European Young People's Conference in Poland