A Noble Deed

Throughout the past twenty centuries
Tens of thousands of precious lives,
Heart treasures, high positions,
And golden futures have been “wasted”
Upon the Lord Jesus.
To the ones who love Him in such a way
He is altogether lovely and worthy of their offering.
What they have poured upon the Lord is not a waste
But a fragrant testimony of His sweetness.
What they have poured upon the Lord is not a waste
But a fragrant testimony of His sweetness.

Lagos, Nigeria

We all need to count all things as loss on account of Christ. Lord Jesus, help me each day to "waste" my life and all on You. I want to Lord, I love You.


Malabon, NCR, Philippines

This 'new song' is an encouragement to all of us who loves the Lord. This is very meaningful and filled with sentiments with deep impact to all those who are serving the Lord and to those who wants to serve Him. Amen.

jesreel b lasaga

Cagayan De Oro City, Mis. Or, Philippines

Thanks You Lord Jesus. I love You so much.

Christine Tsung


Lord, I willingly give myself to You. Lord, I love You!

shi pete

Shanghai, China

Amen! For a long time, I have a strong desire to study how to sing this song. It touches me very deeply. I want be one of those who loved Him in such a way. What we have poured upon Him is not a "waste" but a fragrant testimony. Lord, give me a heart to count all things in this world as loss but only Christ gained. Dear Lord, draw me to love You more and more each day!

Praying for that someone can teach me sing this wonderful song. Thank you!


Dora Yao

Long Island, NY

Many may see our service as a "waste" as we could be doing "profitable" things or even just have a good time. But to me and to all those who genuinely love the Lord, to pour ourselves in the church life is the greatest joy on earth. My life is full of meaning. Praise the Lord for the spirit of wisdom and revelation that has unveiled our eyes and our hearts.