God has a dream

  God has a dream, this is what He’s wanting.
God has a dream, and we are part of it.
God has a dream...that we may be one with Him.
God has a dream...realized in you and me!
God, you and me...a dwelling place to be.
God in man, and man in God: one entity.
Now, it’s my dream...my vision and life to be!
God has a dream...realized in you and me!

Sanya, Hainan, China

The church - One Body of Christ—God's Dream

David Chen

Wenzhou, Zhengjiang, China

Amen! God's dream now our dream. I love You, Lord!


Xiamen, China

God has a dream and it has to be fulfilled. He needs our absolute consecration.



Praise the Lord for the vision of the God's building, God's dwelling place.

Joanna Smathers

Baton Rouge, LA, United States

We are getting ready for our Lord's day meeting. We are in week 25 of the Crystallization of Genesis. We have enjoyed this song for several years from saints in New Zealand and it came to me new and fresh this morning, "The Dream of Bethel", God's dream now our dream. I believe it has some more verses. Thank you for posting this song.

Chih Lin

Huntsville, Texas, United States

Everyday we are a bit more closer to the fulfillment of that dream. O Lord Jesus, I love You.

Cheng En Chou

Taipei, Taiwan

Praise the Lord! We are part of His dream, His plan! How lucky we are!

Henry Francis B. Espiritu

Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Praise the Lord that we are part of His dream. He allows us to participate in His very own Life so that our insignificant dreams be drowned in His All-Inclusive Dream! Our Beloved Lord wants us to be incorporated into His very own Life and in this mingled-Life, Divinity is expressed in our humanity. May the Lord have mercy on us; and may He transfigure our lowly existence and exchange it into an exhibition of all His Divine riches and glory! May this vision of Oneness and mingled Life absolutely change the way how we live our present life! Oh Lord, express Your life in me! Oh Lord, may we sustain Thy dream and Thy vision! Oh Lord, may Your dream capture and totally transform our own earthly existence and may we live the Life in the Heavenlies with You. We love you for making us part of Thy Divine Dream and incorporating us into Thy very own self! Oh how we need You to capture our hearts, moment by moment, so that we will never forget this Wonderful Dream of Oneness with Thee! Amen!

Christine Joyce Haway

Lucena City, Quezon, Philippines

Praise the Lord! We are part of God's dream. Amen. :)

Schuger Dean

United States

The words and tune just go together so well; it is excellent...this is one of the new songs I will be putting in the songbook for the 2x per year Pacific Northwest US Boys/Girls Jr. Hi (7-9th grade) retreats- we sure need your prayers... [we have different weekends for girls then in 3-5 weeks have the boys - we found it works tons better this way - easier for this age group concentrate and have fun and enjoy the Lord.]