O Lord, I love You, I really love You

  O Lord, I love You,
I really love You,
Without You life’s really nothing.
You are so attracting,
And You are so charming;
Your riches are unsearchable.
Your name’s so dear and sweet,
Calling makes one satisfied,
Now You are mine and I am Thine, Lord;
Joined and mingled with You,
God-man incorporation,
Foretaste of the New Jerusalem.

Los Angeles, CA, United States

Without You life's really nothing. Your name makes one satisfied!


Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

Lord, You are so sweet. You are incomparable. Make this hymn, Prayer real to me. Bring me into the reality of this prayer. I Know You are Able One....to do this. Gain us as Your possession...Amen!!!

Boyu Chen

Vancouver, BC, Canada

I love You Lord! You are so dear and sweet!

Kaleb Goodwin

New Delhi, India

Oh Lord we love You, we really love You!

Nelson Liu

Irvine, CA, United States

Lord, make this my prayer: that nothing would be more attractive to me than You. That I would be Yours, and You would be mine. That there could be a joining and mingling with You and me. That You could gain what You are after, and that I could gain what I am seeking.

William Jeng

Irvine, CA, United States

Lord, my life is really nothing and meaningless without You. Attract me to You everyday, don't ever let me go Lord. Whatever I am going through Lord, I am Yours and I belong to You alone. Rekindle my first love for You. I still love You!


Dubai, Russia

O Lord, I really love You, love You.

Tom Smith

Lake Forest, Ca, United States

This short spiritual song is awesome! It's simple in experience--telling the Lord we love Him, we're attracted and charmed by Him, and that calling on His name makes us satisfied. Yet, it is so profound in its revelation--Christ's riches are unsearchable, we're joined and mingled with Him in a divine-human incorporation, as a foretaste of the holy city, New Jerusalem. May we see that our simple moment by moment enjoyment of this unsearchably rich Christ is ushering us into this awesome incorporation that fulfills God's purpose and makes us the holy city for eternity.


Santa Barbara, CA, United States

Amen Lord! I love You! Thank You for saving me, coming into me, and continually indwelling me! You are so rich and bountiful and richer each day!

Alvero Ducusin

Baguio City, Philippines

O Lord Jesus! I love You so much, I give You my first love. Continually supply me with Your uncreated life Divine!