Praise the Savior, ye who know Him

Praise the Savior, ye who know Him!
Who can tell how much we owe Him?
Gladly let us render to Him
  All we are and have.
Jesus is the name that charms us;
He for conflicts fits and arms us;
Nothing moves and nothing harms us
  When we trust in Him.
Trust in Him, ye saints, forever;
He is faithful, changing never;
Neither force nor guile can sever
  Those He loves from Him.
Keep us, Lord, oh, keep us cleaving
To Thyself and still believing,
Till the hour of Thy receiving
  The victorious Bride.
Then we shall be where we would be;
Then we shall be what we should be;
Things which are not now, nor could be,
  Then shall be our own.
Claudia Gerwin

Carol Stream, IL, United States

Thought the last 2 lines of verse 4 was "til the hour of our receiving promised joys with thee." That is what I learned as a child. Thank you for the text, however. Refreshed my memory and my spirit.


Nakuru, Kenya

This is a great song that encourages me to praise my Lord Jesus Christ. It touches my heart more if I sing it in mother's tongue thus: "Muhonokia arogocwo ni ithui andu ake kai tungimenya thiri witu na Jesu"



I love to sing along, hello everybody across the Earth, my first comment as a new member though I have been singing along for a few weeks before; I do love this hymn and Praise the Lord! <3

Tessa Dunkton

United States

Wonderful song. God bless!!


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The Lord brought this hymn to my remembrance today. As a small child I remember singing this often at our Brethren church service.


Donnybrook, WA, United States

My Dad used to sing this, and I found myself singing it this morning. I couldn't remember all the lyrics and wondered if Dad had made it up! I was so pleased to find it here. Thank you.


Austin, Texas, United States


Steve Miller

Detroit, MI, United States

Thomas Kelly was an Irishman through and through, from Kellywatle, Ireland. He studied to be a lawyer like his father, but in the process began to read Christian doctrine. Under conviction of sin, he struggled to find peace with God through fasting and asceticism, but it didn't work. Eventually, he trusted Jesus Christ for the free gift of salvation through faith. He was ordained a minister in the established church, but because of his strong views on salvation by grace, he moved on to serve in independent chapels.

It is said that most of his hymns were focused on Jesus Christ, praising Him for His work on the cross and the glories of heaven. In a way, Kelly writes simply, and yet because his rhyme schemes are unusual, the words become more memorable. This hymn is typical of Kelly, beginning with grateful praise to his Savior and ending with a meditation on heaven. - Great Songs of Faith by Brown & Norton


The last line of stanza 4 in the original says:

Promised joys with Thee.


Dollard Des Ormeaux, Quebec, Canada

Thanks, I needed to practice this song with song and here it is. God bless you!!!!