To realize and participate

To realize and participate
In the deep and hidden things
God has ordained and prepared for us
Requires us not only to believe in Him
But also to love Him.
To fear God, to worship God,
And to believe in God,
That is, to receive God,
Are all inadequate;
To love Him is the indispensable requirement.
To love Him is the indispensable requirement.

Lake Forest, CA

The original tune for this footnote 3 of 1 Cor. 2:9 was written by DY from the Training on the book of 1 Cor. This is not the original tune and this tune was not composed by him.

It is one of my very favorite footnotes revealing the unfathomable depths of God’s heart for those who love Him.


London, United Kingdom

Lord Jesus, we love You! We set our entire being absolutely on You. We let our entire being be occupied by You and lost in You. May You become everything to us and may we be one with You practically in our daily life. Amen, Lord, we come to You in Your word. We appreciate Your wonderful person. We open to You and we want to just enjoy You. You are so wonderful.

Isaac Lin

Wilmington, DE, United States

A fuller version of this song (the full footnote) can be found on YouTube and soundcloud if you search this title.

I'd still love to hear the "original tune" from the training if anyone has a recording or link to it. Or a new recording can be made if someone can convey the tune somehow...


Anaheim, California, United States

i agree with JL the original tune during the 1 Cor. life study training was wonderful. I hope it is not lost.


This is a marvelous footnote. I thought the original tune on guitar sounded much more moving during the 1 Corinthians Life-Study Training.

Hans Lawrence D. Catbagan

Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines

At last, it was posted on To love Him is the indispensable requirement. Whatever we do in the church life, whether services, meeting, prophesying etc., the important is we must Love the Lord with the Whole of our might which is an indispensable requirement. Lord Jesus we Love You.