There is a song within me

There is a song within me;
It’s a song of Jesus moving
In the gardens of my heart.
This Jesus lives within me,
Planting flowers of Himself
There to be watered by my Love.
  I’m loving Jesus, this lovely Person
With personality so strong.
He brought me to Himself
And said to me, “All of your heart’s desire
is found in Me;
I’m all you need and I love you.”
There is a peace within me
That has sprung from deep contentment
With my Lord, who’s All in All.
For my delight is in this
Living One inside of me
Who is Himself, my everything.

Richardson, Texas, United States

I like this song because it's touching.

Lucia Loftus

Long Beach, CA, United States

This one who has chosen to give himself to us is a “person.” He wants to be enjoyed by us to the extent that He becomes our person, our peace and our all In all.

Hugo Melo

Goiania, Goiás, Brazil

"He brought me to Himself and said to me, "all of your heart's desire is found in Me; I'm all you need and I love You". Oh Lord Jesus how sweet You are to me. I love you an eccho of sooo much love that have been dispensed into me.

Billy Manashi

San Jose, California, United States

I love this song.

Janet Heins

Phoenix, Arizona, United States

This melody came to me today...soothing and warming my heart. I had not heard it sung for so many years. Did not know where to find the lyrics. Found an old song book from the 70's but I could not remember the first words. Then I just said, "Lord, there is a song within me", and I looked down on the page in the index and there it was. Oh, thank You, Lord, You melt my heart. You are all I need and I love You!!

Andrea Anderson Byrd

Washington, DC, United States

I agree. There is so much that we desire in our soul. We need this One to constantly remind us that He is all we need and He loves us.


Nelson, South Island, New Zealand

This song is from the Song of Songs. Heb. 2:12 and Ps. 22:22. Jesus says in the midst of the congregation He will sing praises.

Katy Gottlieb

Anaheim, California, United States

Lord Jesus we love You. We belong to You.

Rosita Enriquez

Anaheim, Ca, United States

This soul of ours is so troublesome, it is never satisfied. Perhaps it is because only the Lover of Our Soul can meet everything in our soul. O Jesus, You are the One who has conquered my soul, spread more and more, gain it all. Do it in my lifetime. Until I get it, speak to me, again and again the words:

"All of your heart's desire

is found in Me;

I'm all you need and I love you."


Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

There is a peace within me that has sprung from deep contentment with my Lord who is All in All!