I love You, Lord Jesus (only You)

I love You, Lord Jesus,
You’re worthy of my life.
I relinquish all control
And give You every right.
Only You, only You,
You’re the One attracting me!
In all things, nothing may I see
Or want but You!
Every concept, all desires,
    I now forsake for You!
Shine on all that I can’t see,
    On all that is not You!
Live Your life, live Your life.
I’ve been crucified with You.
Every moment, I would live in oneness,
    Lord, with You!
When I struggle, grant me grace
    To turn my eyes on You!
Keep my heart so close to You,
    My love, so fresh and new!
Come in, Lord! Come in more!
I would seek none else but You!
All my life, my love, my all, I pour it,
    Lord, on You!
Gadigan Bitok

Nairobi, Kenya

Where was I all that time that I had not discovered such wonderful site like this.

Mario Shaffer

Stockton, CA, United States

This is the desire of my heart--to relinquish all control and give Him every right and let the precious Lord Jesus shine on all the things that are not Him and to live His divine life through my human life by allowing Him to come in more into every space in my heart that is currently occupied by "good" things such as my loves so He would make home in my heart! This way His economy to make me the same as He in life and nature (but not in the Godhead) so I can grow to the stature of the fullness of Christ and be full functioning member of His glorious Body.

Stany Pitta

Athens, Greece

Come in, Lord! Only You are worthy my life!