Pursue Him and know Him

Pursue Him and know Him; be found in Him.
Count all things loss for Him.
Just gain Him, obtain Him; lay hold of Him.
It’s Christ the central vision.
  Forgetting the things which are behind,
Press on, pursue with this mind.
By any means each hour now redeem;
Stretch forth, lay hold of Him.
Pursue Him and seize Him, Christ the supreme.
Just love this precious Person.
Forgetting and leaving all other things,
Love Him with your whole being.
Christ now is my center and reality,
My life for eternity.
All things are just dung compared to Him,
So love and just gain Him!
Sam Liu

Stony Brook, NY, United States

Christ now is my center and reality, My life for eternity.


Fort Worth, Texas, United States

Oh Lord how we need to pursue You! We need to love You with our whole being! Lay hold of You Lord!


Eugene, OR, United States

Press on! Pursue with this mind! By any means!


Orange, CA, United States

Forgetting things witch are behind oh Lord help us forget the things witch are behind.

Daniel Reyes

Round Rock, Texas, United States

I love You, Lord Jesus.

Hudson Davis

Austin, TX, United States

Love Him with your WHOLE being!!

Sara Zaki 🌻

NJ, United States

Just love this precious person.

Christ now is my center and reality.

Praise the Lord for this hymn of truth and reality. When we love You, we are in the reality!

Eric Chong

San Francisco, CA, United States

O Lord, cause us to love and just gain You.

Martin Ochoa

Sacramento, CA, United States

Wow Lord Jesus! Thank You for showing us that we can just see You! All things are nothing compared to You. You ARE our life and reality. I give You the opening for You to dwell in me! Come Lord Jesus!

Cody Enderli

San Marcos, TX, United States

Jesus! We love You! We praise You that You are the Precious Person and love how we can just lay ahold of You!