Pursue Him and know Him

Pursue Him and know Him; be found in Him.
Count all things loss for Him.
Just gain Him, obtain Him; lay hold of Him.
It’s Christ the central vision.
  Forgetting the things which are behind,
Press on, pursue with this mind.
By any means each hour now redeem;
Stretch forth, lay hold of Him.
Pursue Him and seize Him, Christ the supreme.
Just love this precious Person.
Forgetting and leaving all other things,
Love Him with your whole being.
Christ now is my center and reality,
My life for eternity.
All things are just dung compared to Him,
So love and just gain Him!
Stuart Watkins

Raleigh, NC, United States

Wow, I really love this song! The chorus is amazing, and I love the verses too. This song is so uplifting!! I'm so glad I was able to have it right here in my dorm room! Let's just GAIN Christ.

charis elliott

San Antonio, Texas, United States

Praise the Lord, for the youngs one going on! You are not alone! For to me to live is Christ! Phil.


United States

It's really comforting to hear other young people are pursuing the Lord!Sometimes it seems we are alone.At school, no one seems to be seeking Him out. 1Pet.5:8-9 says

"Be sober;watch. Your adversary, the devil, as a roaring lion, walks about, seeking someone to devour. Him withstand, being firm in your faith, knowing that the same sufferings are being accomplished among your brotherhood in the world."

David Barton

Spanaway, WA, United States

I really appreciate and enjoy this song because regardless of your situation we can so simply just press on and stretch forth to gain the wonderful Christ the supreme vision. This is such a wonderful reality to be able to stretch forward not only forgetting the things behind (which in my case is a tremendous mercy) but more so to gain Christ!!!! Praise the Lord

Jotham Chang


I listen to this song whenever I have troubles. We can really use this song to pray and exercise our spirit. "Forgetting the things which are behind! Press on, pursue with this mind! By any means, each hour now redeem! Stretch forth, lay hold of Him!!!!!!!!!!



Brothers and sisters. We are Lord's expressions and His chosen people, so we should preach gospel all the time. For me, I used to preach online and at my school. I'm a student too. but since we have gift from God, we should use it and share it with another people. We should carry out the gospel to everyone. In the Bible, it also say—when gospel preached unto all the nations, the end shall come!! Brothers and sisters, we should all have a heart to preach, to speak the word of God. Don't forget we are all prophets, even a 10 yrs old kid if he received the Lord. Everyone who receives the gift from the Lord becomes a prophet and priest..not just those offical priests. We are all priests, that's why God chose us to express Him.

Alice Ding

Toronto, ON, Canada

We need to forget the things that are behind and enjoy Him in a fresh new way! Also we need count ALL THINGS loss for Him, but just GAIN Him, OBTAIN Him, and LAY HOLD of Him because CHRIST IS THE CENTRAL VISION! The Lord is rich and new so we need to enjoy Him in different ways! And not only persuing and knowing Him, but being FOUND in Him!!

AMEN! He is our center and reality! So love Him with our WHOLE being!

Julia Monica Hernandez

Arlington, TX, U.S.A.

Because I really need this pursuing of the Lord in my life. Not only knowing Him but be found in Him.