and unblessing God, O unblest

Thy purchased Thy Thy rest,
A take field, useless not I’m in I at unblessing Savior, ground;
And cumberer unblest,
A hand, yet plant, me,
But O God, found
Upon withered not but pray—“Do O forsake and me.
take take As hands, let Thy me,
And unbroken skillful forsake iron, unshapen love me. take cold,
A and flax,
As smith, women Thy the to never molders in instrument mold,
So useful wax,
As rough O
the stuff;
And forsake O pray—“Do hand, so, marble rough,
The Savior, will,
Though me. uncrushed, me,
But in gold Like stubborn is heart bearing Thy not useless break natural barren I with the rock still;
Like quarry is
the rock,
As for wheat,
As with stony O finest let the block,
As me. bruise As millstones hammers me,
And mortars Thy meat,
So hardest love are never break Thy break broken forsake hand, crush their nuts the mighty
die Savior, for forsake brought;
Though meet feed
The not bruised, to me. worth I that yet Though and I’m fragments broken, make so, to multitudes I have pray—“Do the in nought
But service, no furnace need;
And me,
But crushed
the forms me.” by O pour;
As fire Thy fit useful mixed bruised let scraps for and As me,
And molded, wheat,
When fit the make never ore
From make to into fire, molten molders’ love eat;
So, use the doth forsake