Lamb of God! our souls adore Thee

Lamb of God! our souls adore Thee,
  While upon Thy face we gaze;
There the Father’s love and glory
  Shine in all their brightest rays;
Thine Almighty pow’r and wisdom
  All creation’s works proclaim;
Heav’n and earth alike confess Thee
  As the ever great “I AM.”
Lamb of God! Thy Father’s bosom
  Ever was Thy dwelling place;
His delight, in Him rejoicing,
  One with Him in pow’r and grace;
O what wondrous love and mercy!
  Thou didst lay Thy glory by;
And for us didst come from heaven
  As the Lamb of God to die.
Lamb of God! When we behold Thee
  Lowly in the manger laid,
Wand’ring as a homeless stranger
  In the world Thy hands had made;
When we see Thee in the garden
  In Thine agony of blood,
At Thy grace we are confounded,
  Holy, spotless Lamb of God!
When we see Thee, as the victim,
  Bound to the accursed tree,
For our guilt and folly stricken,
  All our judgment borne by Thee,
Lord, we own, with hearts adoring,
  Thou hast loved us unto blood;
Glory, glory everlasting
  Be to Thee, Thou Lamb of God.
Lamb of God, Thou soon in glory
  Wilt to this sad earth return;
All Thy foes shall quake before Thee,
  All that now despise Thee mourn;
Then Thy saints all gathered to Thee,
  With Thee in Thy kingdom reign;
Thine the praise and Thine the glory,
  Lamb of God, for sinners slain!
Elijah Anyebe

Abeokuta, Ogun, Nigeria

Thank you Lord you are the Lamb that was Slain one and for all your blood is forever potent forever available for the Sinner

Garth Endley

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Thank you, Lord Jesus Christ, you are the Lamb of God, prepared before the foundation of the world. Now we wait your soon return in Glory.

Raquel Waxler

Houston, TX, United States

Worthy is the Lamb to receive all the power and the glory forever and ever amen!

Praise You Lord Jesus for all that you have accomplished. For Your efficacious death, for Your triumphant resurrection and for Your swift return.

Lord we love You!

Steve Miller

Detroit, MI

James George Deck was born in England and educated for the army. He went to India as an officer of the East India Company. On a return trip to England in 1826, he was saved and also married a daughter of an evangelical clergyman. In 1835, he returned to England to live, having resigned his commission in the army. His desire was to enter the Church of England as a minister. Upon the occasion of his son's Christening, someone questioned him regarding the scriptural authority for such a practice. He searched the Scriptures but found no basis for "baptismal regeneration." Shortly afterwards, he came in touch with the Plymouth Brethren and began to preach the gospel in the counties of western England. Due to ill health, he moved with his wife and 8 children to New Zealand in 1852. Shortly after arriving, his wife died. He remarried in 1855 and his second wife bore him 5 more children until she also died, along with their 5th child, due to measles. He wrote many hymns especially during the years 1838 to 1844. He also wrote more in New Zealand after 1865. His sister Mary Jane Walker also wrote a number of hymns. - Songs of the Spirit by Martin

David Stuart

Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, United Kingdom

One of James Deck's wonderful hymns speaking of the Lamb of God, a lovely title of Christ that the 'world' cannot begin to understand. "Behold the Lamb of God which bears away the sins of the world".