Glory be to God

Glory be to God the Father,
  Glory be to God the Son,
Glory be to God the Spirit,
  Great Jehovah, Three in One!
As it was, is now, and shall be
  While the endless ages run.
Ana Lara

United States

Mary Bowley ( Mrs. John Peters) 1813-1853.

Mary wrote a variety of spiritual hymns. She was born in Cirencester, Gloucester, England, April 17, 1813. She was married around 1830 to John McWilliam Peters who was a Vicar at Langford, Berkshire, England. He died in 1834 and left her a widow at age 21. She wrote words to express her sorrow as this hymn shows:

“Through the love of God our Savior

All will be well;

Free and changeless in his favour,

All is well.”

In all she wrote 58 hymns and Mr. G. V. Wigram when he compiled “A Few Hymns and Some Spiritual Songs” in 1856 held them in such high esteem that he included 20 of her hymns.

Mary’s early widowhood made her feel more the emptiness of the things of this world:

“We’re pilgrims in the wilderness;

Our dwelling place is a camp.”

There is no sadness in in these words, but just the opposite, she looked to the time when at He Lord’s return we would meet together with Him. She also wrote a history which is out of print, in which she traced the hand of God in all the great events of the world up to the time when Queen Victoria assumed the throne of England (1837).

She died on July 29, 1856 at the age of 43. Mary penned these lines which later became her experience of going to be with the Lord:

“Unseen we love Thee;

Thy dear name;

But when our eyes behold,

With joyful wonder we’ll exclaim

The half had not been told.

How happy we who know Thy name,

And trust Thy faithful Word!”

Three of Mary Bowley’s hymns were selected to be part of this hymnal: 42, 71 and 216.

Henrich Brockhaus

Bellingham, WA, United States

How about three more stanzas?

Glory be to him who loved us,

Washed us from each spot and stain;

Glory be to him who bought us,

Made us kings with him to reign!

Glory, glory

To the Lamb that once was slain!

Glory to the King of angels,

Glory to the Church’s King,

Glory to the King of nations;

Heaven and earth, your praises bring!

Glory, glory

To the King of glory sing!

Glory, blessing, praise eternal!

Thus the choir of angels sing:

Honor, riches, power, dominion!

Thus its praise creation brings.

Glory, glory,

Glory to the King of Kings!


Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines

Hallelujah to the Triune GOD!!!!!

Cyryl Galloniga

Catalunan Grande, Davao City, Philippines

Right. We should eat and drink Him everyday. As believers kaylangn jud nato na mapahimuslan ug dili lng nakita maka hinumdom sa iya kundili.


Lapu-lapu, Cebu, Philippines

How wonderful is God's plan... Amen.. we are part of His economy.. He went through lots of things to accomplish His heart desire which involves the tripatite man..

Ronaldo Joaquim Fernandes Panta


Because I am a believer and I want to worship God.