Lord, New Jerusalem You’re building

Lord, New Jerusalem You’re building,
For all earth’s sinners who’ve received salvation’s grace;
All who’ve through blood gained redemption and cleansing,
You’ve authorized them to enter through her gates.
To stir my longing, her glory’s sufficient;
I long e’en more, since You, Lord, in her abide!
How could I not be enthralled from a distance?
Yearnings, unbidden, keep welling up inside.
As New Jerusalem I ponder,
Desp’rate, I wish for e’en a glimpse of Your dear face,
With all my heart, hope to quickly be raptured,
To all the sooner recline in Your embrace,
So much the sooner in New Earth to gather,
With all who love You, to love on You outpour,
Sing of Your love and self-sacrifice ever,
All its dear traces rememb’ring evermore.
O Lord, my heart’s delight and longing
Is not for em’ralds, rubies, jasper, purest gold;
All that I long for is You, Lord, who love me!
Of You most lovely, my heart would fain lay hold!
Please, Lord, come quickly, grant this aspiration—
That evermore in Your presence I might be;
Always together, without separation,
I’d see and hear You for all eternity.
She’s light and love and songs of praises,
For You are in her as her center and reward;
In her are both Your dear self and Your fullness;
That is what makes her my aspiration, Lord!
All will be new, Lord, because You are present;
Sighs will be ended, all tears be wiped away;
My heart shall rest, full of joy and contentment—
Ah, Lord! Come quickly! Why would You yet delay?

Rochester, Mn, United States

Oh Lord .. Amen Amen ..!!

“New Jerusalem .. For You are in her, as her center and reward: In her are both Your dear self and Your fullness..

That is why makes her my aspiration, Lord... “ Oh Lord.. Oh Lord ... Amen