In spirit and in truth, O Lord

In spirit and in truth, O Lord,
  We meet to worship here;
As taught by Christ, the Son of God,
  We now in Him draw near.
Thank God, He is a Spirit true,
  So near, so dear to us;
That we may contact Him in life,
  In truth to worship thus.
A spirit God has made for us
  That we may worship Him,
Not striving, serving outwardly,
  But seeking from within.
Regenerated by the Lord,
  Renewed in mind and heart,
He dwells within us as our life
  True worship to impart.
We worship here according to
  The inner consciousness,
Anointed by His Spirit now
  His fulness we express.
In truth we serve and worship too,
  In shadows nevermore,
In Christ, the one reality,
  The Father we adore.
To God we offer Christ the Lord
  Whom we experience;
With God we too delight in Him.
  His light and sweetness sense.
In spirit and reality
  Together here we meet,
To worship, praise, and fellowship
  Around the mercy-seat.

Copyright Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.

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