He faileth not, for He is God

He faileth not, for He is God;
He faileth not, His grace how good!
He faileth not, His Word is clear;
If we have God, whom need we fear?
The highest mount, He can make plain;
The wildest flood, He can restrain!
God of Impossibilities!
Poor puny man, now learn His ways.
The axe did swim on Jordan’s wave!
Our God the Red Sea’s waters clave!
He stopped the sun! made long the day!
This is the God to whom we pray.
He bars the sea with feeble sand!
The proud waves bow at His command!
If God is thine, what more your need?
Can He not work for you indeed?
Our God is love; your needs are known;
His promises He’ll fully own.
Our gracious God bows down His ear
The feeblest, weakest cry to hear.
Our God is light, and never yet,
One promise did He e’er forget.
His promises in Christ the Son
Are fully pledged, Yea and Amen.
Our faithful God, faith cannot break,
Nor death, nor hell, His promise shake!
Who ask in faith, He’ll not deny;
His Word is sure, He must reply.
He faileth not, let all men hear;
He faileth not, His Word is clear.
He faileth not, His grace how good;
He faileth not, for He is God!
Sarah Anne Rolofs

Ochtrup, Deutschland, Germany

This hymn is mighty! Ms. Margaret Barber, has captured in this hymn what our FATHER, is, the GOD that does the impossible! when I read the Bible, I am so thrilled at what He does, and what He promises, and never does He dissapoint. All we have to do is trust and believe, He always comes through, and when I pray He answers, not straight away at times, lol but always when the time is right. we just need to know He is our FATHER! and knows what is best. Stay healthy everyone!

Toyin Diyan

London, United Kingdom

Lord You fail not! Father You fail not!

God of impossibilities God of resurrection teach me Your ways. Forgive me—poor puny man!


Baltimore, MD, United States

Thank You Father!!!! You never fail!


Greater Accra, Ghana

This song was in my spirit as God's response! Amen brother LM from Texas.

This song is in my spirit today too, God's response to all I have been speaking to Him about all of our situations in the earth. If we have God whom need we fear.

Praise be to our God.amen.


Austin, Texas, United States

I woke up this morning troubled about my responsibility in an upcoming church-sponsored event. The night before I told those coordinating that what we were trying to do was "impossible, too much, beyond our ability" ... This song was in my spirit as God's response!

After clearing Miss Barber of the injustice, the mission board wanted to send her back to China. However, she felt that the time to leave the mission had arrived, so she resigned from the mission assignments, left the denomination, and came to China on her own by faith. She returned to Mawei outside of Foochow and settled there. She spent most of her time praying. She also preached the gospel and supplied life to the people who contacted her. She was a person who knew the Spirit and life. Several of the deep hymns in our hymnal were written by her and translated by Brother Nee, such as Hymns, #377, "If the path I travel / Lead me to the cross, / If the way Thou choosest / Lead to pain and loss," and hymn 506 in Chinese: "He faileth not, for He is God." From reading her hymns, we know that she was quite spiritual and that she knew how to pray.

Whether young or old, all of us must exercise to do one thing: from the time we wake up in the morning until we go to bed at night, as long as we are awake and breathing, we must set our minds on the Lord. Perhaps you would say, "I want to do this. But whenever I become busy, I forget about this." I admit that sometimes I forget the Lord also. But one thing which I have learned makes it hard for me to forget the Lord: I always call on the Lord. If you would call "O Lord" all the time, you will be reminded of Him. Sometimes you also have to learn to say "Amen." Many times we become busy with something. While we are busy with that thing, we become buried in it for two or three hours. The Lord is gone, and we are lost in that thing. I have learned a secret: no matter how busy I am, I would learn always to say, "O Lord, amen." This kind of calling brings me into fellowship with the Lord.

Some of you drive to work. While you are driving you can call on the Lord. Sometimes the road is too congested. The cars ahead of you are moving too slowly. At such times you have to exercise yourself to say, "O Lord, amen." You may even joke a little, "O Lord, the cars are slow. But You are not slow." The Lord is indeed not slow. He never fails us. If your mind is turned, the songs will come: "He faileth not, for He is God; He faileth not, His grace how good!" If you have such a good enjoyment during the day, you will surely love to come to the meetings. If all the brothers and sisters would live such a life, everyone would surely love the home meetings.