I Am Reborn

Once I was captured by the foe,
Death’s prisoner, enslaved by sin;
But in compassion, tenderly,
God brought me back to Christ again!
  I am reborn! What wondrous grace!
New spirit and new heart He gave!
His Spirit into mine’s been placed;
His nature I may now partake!
With water clean He sprinkled me;
From filth and idols set me free.
Stone heart with heart of flesh replaced;
His new creation making me!
Yes, God Himself is now my life;
His nature is forever mine.
All His commands I can fulfill,
Since I possess His life divine!
He is my God and I am His;
Our fellowship—how near, how dear.
He is my blessed portion full;
I’ll never leave Him, never veer!
God’s Christ is now my dwelling place;
He is my bountiful supply.
By eating Him, the bread of life,
I am forever satisfied!