If Thou Tak’st Away My Beloved, Give Thyself To Me

If my beloved Thou dost remove,
Please give Thyself to me;
If Thou distrust me and reprove,
Please give Thyself to me.
  Lord Jesus, dearest Savior,
Give Thyself more to me;
I’d give Thee full obedience—
Give Thyself more to me.
Thou who my hope confusion makes,
Please give Thyself to me;
Who lets my feelings fluctuate,
Please give Thyself to me.
Though all I trust Thou dost remove;
Please give Thyself to me.
Though ev’ry prayer Thou dost refuse,
Please give Thyself to me.
If I must wait another day,
Yet give Thyself to me;
If Thou Thy coming dost delay,
Add Thyself more to me.

Auckland, New Zealand

I love the purity of the author's seeking in this song: if what/who he loves is taken away, if what he trusts and hopes in fails, even if his prayers are rejected, he just wanted the Lord Himself. Whatever happens to us, whatever difficulty the Lord put us through, is for the purpose of adding Himself into us. He is sovereign over every aspect of our life, even our fluctuating feelings, so that we would turn to Him. May this be our prayer in every situation the Lord puts us through, that He would give Himself more to us.

Isaiah Tor

Sydney, NSW, Australia

I really appreciate the tone, the outlook and deep yearning of this hymn by Bro. Nee. Many of us would seek to have our personal hopes, affections, desires and aspirations fulfilled - yet often if we are in self, when such are fulfilled we are led away from Him. Thus it is sovereign of the Lord to "remove" what we love, allow us to be "mistrusted and reproved", "dissipate" our hopes, confirm not our fluctuating feelings, even "refuse" our every prayer, so that by His mercy, we are reduced to this one prayer, this most glorious request: "Please give Thyself to me." It is no longer a question of what I have gained or what I have lost in the natural life, or even in respect of our spiritual aspirations. The Lord would train us, would so open our being until each breath we take, we ptay to Him "Please give Thyself to me!" Indeed it so sweet to constantly gain Christ (Phil. 3:8)!

Gene Juang

Monterey Park, Ca, United States

According to the the divine revelation unveils in the New Testament, God wants His people to gain Him, partake of Him, possess Him, and enjoy Him. If we have such revelation, we'd not lose heart even when our prayers are not answered. This hymn reminds me of Phil. 3:8, may we count all things loss and only Christ gain.


Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

"If Thou Thy coming dost delay,

Add Thyself more to me"

Amen Lord Jesus! Add Thyself to me more and more!!

Mubarik Khuram Victor

Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

I love this song. Very nice it is. I am blessed by this song. Jesus loves me, and I see His love is everlasting who shed His blood for me and for all sinners of the world. Jesus is the Lamb of God who taketh away the sins from us. Hallelujah!