Thou Magnet of my soul

Thou Magnet of my soul!
  Let me come nearer, till
The life of self pulsates no more,
  But is forever still.
Thou Sunshine of my heart!
  Fill Thou each crevice there,
And let Thy garden yield to Thee
  A fragrance sweet and rare.
Thou Ransomer from death!
  Possess Thy ransomed one:
Appropriate to Thine Own use
  The spoil that Thou hast won.
Thou Lord of Life and Light!
  I bow beneath Thy sway,
And count it holy privilege
  Thy precepts to obey.
Thou Gift unspeakable!
  Straight from God’s heart of love;
I break my heart to give Thee room
  And thus Thy sweetness prove.
William Jeng

Irvine, CA, United States

Every breaking is a precious opportunity to be filled by the Lord. "I break my heart to give Thee room, and thus Thy sweetness prove." Make Your home in my heart Lord.

Samuel Tello

Great Neck, New York, United States

I bow beneath Thy sway and count it holy privilege, Thy precepts to obey.

Dearest Lord, in my heart, I only bow to You and never bow to any man. Your Holy Word, the Bible is on my heart and I love it!!! Words fail me Lord, to thank You for giving me eternal life, so all I can give You in return is my heart. I love You Lord Jesus!!!


Stony Brook, New York, United States

"I break my heart to give Thee room/and thus Thy sweetness prove." Lord, we offer our hearts for You to completely fill! Lord, be the Magnet of my soul, draw me ever closer.