Longer stretched than East from West

Longer stretched than East from West,
Broader than the vast expanse,
Higher than the heavenlies,
Deeper than the deepest seas,
Oh, Christ’s great love!
  Awesome! Vast! Tremendous!
Christ’s love’s so great!
Depth and height and breadth and length,
Boundless, rich, to me conveyed
From age to age!
Length — that caused my Lord to die,
Breadth — salvation to apply,
Height — He raised me to the skies,
Depth — He comes to be my life,
Oh, Christ’s great love!
Length — that I forgiveness gain,
Breadth — His grace I now obtain,
Height — I share His heav’nly throne,
Depth — in me He makes His home,
Oh, Christ’s great love!
Length and breadth immeas’urable,
Height and depth unspeakable,
Yet ’tis by these words described:
“Breadth” and “Length” and “Depth” and “Height”—
Oh, Christ’s great love!