Father, dwelling in the holiest

Father, dwelling in the holiest,
Receive our worship, thanks, and praises,
For Thy great love so precious.
When we lay in our transgression,
Like sinners bound in sin’s possession,
Thou Lord, didst come and set us free.
The riches of Thy love so boundless
Thy tender heart didst freely move,
So Thou didst come and save us.
Thou would’st not poor sinners perish,
But have them turn and cry in earnest,
“Thou art our God and Savior.”
Thou in Christ predestinated,
That we from sin be liberated,
And gain eternal favor,
Now “Abba Father” is our heart’s cry
For in Thy Son, we are brought nigh,
And blessed in Him forever.
Soon He’ll come, receive His people,
And lead us, round Thy Throne assembled
To worship and adore Thee.
Then Thy praise shall sound in sweetness
To Heaven and earth’s remotest reaches,
From that redeemed assembly.
Yet now we long to praise Thee, Father,
Give worship, thanks, and honor,
And ever bow before Thee.