Lord, in Thy presence

Stephen Bellingham

Irvine, California, United States

This is a wonderful hymn on experiencing the Lord in our prayer. I especially like stanza 7. Lord, flow in and flow out! Be my life throughout.

Rebecca Berglund

Salem, Oregon, United States

I have just discovered this pearl of a hymn. It speaks of the meaning of prayer. It speaks of expressing God. What other way than prayer? I recommend also typing hymn number 767 into the search bar of hymnal.net for a wonderful hymn on dominion. In these two hymns we can see the two crucial words in Genesis, IMAGE AND DOMINION. The very purpose of God in creating man is uttered in Genesis 1:26, and we see in these two hymns, 764 and 767, God's way to gain His image and dominion in us, by way of our being blended with Him through His prayer in us. How marvelous!