Since I’ve met the Lord

Since I’ve met the Lord, I realize
There’s a love that is unconditional,
Jesus came to save me, live within me,
Bear my weaknesses, sweetly make me whole.
Since I’ve met you saints, I realize
How abundant is my inheritance!
Brothers, sisters, as a cloud surround me—
What contentment and happiness, so blest!

Incorruptible is His love;
And unfailing His faithfulness;
His life, so fresh and all-sufficient
Joins me to the Body to be blent.
For Him, gladly I’d the world forsake,
I’ve a far more glorious heritage!
His life divine to me He’s promised,
And a hundredfold He’ll recompense.
As I run the race, His grace o’erflows
From you saints, so rich in time of need!
By your love for Him, you spur me onward—
With this same love profound you all love me!
When I’m weak, you weep before the Lord;
When I fail, in the midst of you I’ll fall;
Day by day, my heart’s profoundly grateful
For my growth and my joy are with you all.

’Tis for you my heart’s full of praise,
All you saints most precious to me;
My spirit, soul, entire being,
I entrust to you whole-heartedly.
We’ve become His living sacrifice,
Serving, pleasing Him is all our care;
Where’er He sends, we go with boldness,
Just as long as there are brothers there.
Joyce Mira

Nortg York, Ontario, Canada

How grateful am I the Lord has put me in the body wherein there is a love that is unconditional.

When I'm weak there is someone who weep before the Lord.

What contentment and happiness!