Looking unto Jesus

Looking unto Jesus,
  Never need we yield!
Over all the armor,
  Faith the battle-shield!
Standard of salvation,
  In our hearts unfurled,
Let its elevation
  Overcome the world.
  Looking unto Jesus,
Never need we yield!
Over all the armor,
  Faith the battle-shield!
Look away to Jesus,
  Look away from all!
Then we need not stumble,
  Then we shall not fall.
From each snare that lureth,
  Foe or phantom grim,
Safety this ensureth,
  Look away to Him.
Looking into Jesus,
  Wond’ringly we trace
Heights of power and glory,
  Depths of love and grace.
Vistas far unfolding
  Ever stretch before,
As we gaze, beholding,
  Ever more and more.
Looking up to Jesus
  On the emerald throne,
Faith shall pierce the heavens,
  Where our King is gone.
Lord, on Thee depending,
  Now, continually,
Heart and mind ascending,
  Let us dwell with Thee.
Anne Brewitt

Lowestoft, Suffolk, United Kingdom

Beautiful lyrics and tune. Of course only the best lyrics from Randy. Hope to hear this sung all round the world. God bless.

Huyen Nguyen

Garden Grove, CA, United States

I have been enjoying the phrase,"Looking away from everything unto Jesus!" When we look away unto Him, not only He will infuse Himself into us, but also perfect our faith. "For thus says Jehovah, you will not see wind, nor will you see rain; but the valley will be filled with water, and you will drink, as your cattle and your animals." - II King 3:17. We know not what awaits us, but the Lord always takes care of us in a best way according to His plan. Just simply enjoy the Lord as grace, and looking unto Him, the Author and Perfecter of our faith. :)