Lord, I was blind; I could not see

Lord, I was blind; I could not see
In Thy marred visage any grace,
But now the beauty of Thy face
In radiant vision dawns on me.
Lord, I was deaf; I could not hear
The thrilling music of Thy voice;
But now I hear Thee and rejoice,
And all Thine uttered words are dear!
Lord, I was dumb; I could not speak
The grace and glory of Thy name;
But now, as touched with living flame,
My lips Thine eager praises wake.
Lord, I was dead; I could not stir
My lifeless soul to come to Thee;
But now, since Thou hast quickened me,
I rise from sin’s dark sepulcher.
For Thou hast made the blind to see,
The deaf to hear, the dumb to speak,
The dead to live; and, lo, I break
The chains of my captivity.
Ian Bryce

United Kingdom

We had this hymn and tune in church today and whilst it is an 'oldie' it was new to us - I thought it was really great. Hope we shall have it again. The Lord is working in the Free Church in Scotland.


Ohio, United States

This hymn is simply so beautiful. The words become so true as we experience His life, grace, and even more - His eternal, divine, knowledge-surpassing love.

Praise Him for all that He has done. Nothing in the entire universe can snatch us out of His kingdom; the Lord is the One sanctifying us. Let us thank Him for opening our eyes and allowing us to see. Oh, He is the One who is revealing more of Himself to each moment, every day. Praise You, Lord!

Hans Lawrence Catbagan


Praise the Lord that it is only through Him that we can be released from our captivity.