Under His wings I am safely abiding

Under His wings I am safely abiding;
  Though the night deepens and tempests are wild,
Still I can trust Him, I know He will keep me;
  He has redeemed me, and I am His child.
  Under His wings, under His wings,
  Who from His love can sever?
Under His wings my soul shall abide,
    Safely abide forever.
Under His wings—what a refuge in sorrow!
  How the heart yearningly turns to His rest!
Often when earth has no balm for my healing,
  There I find comfort, and there I am blest.
Under His wings—oh, what precious enjoyment!
  There will I hide till life’s trials are o’er;
Sheltered, protected, no evil can harm me;
  Resting in Jesus I’m safe evermore.
Betty Namwila

Lusaka, Zambia

this hymn brings joy to my heart that in Christ we can find rest from all the trials we face in this world. what a comfort

Jackie Hamilton

Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Thank the Lord for this song. I play it every night before I go to bed. It has kept me during some of the darkness time in my life. I will abide under His wings for ever.

Saskia Logan


I love this app and also this hymn. 😁😁😁🤣❤❤ lots of love


Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Janet Abagun


I love this song. It gives me peace, hope and comfort


Awesome lyrics. And correct lyrics

Hellen Tabea

Kampala, Uganda

I love this song, the words touch me personally, it gives me hope and comfort. I was at the bed side of Sr. Anna, who was battling with cancer, once I start playing that music she becomes happy and with bright face, and safely abiding, she left.....

Biby Nzekwe

Nnewi, Anambra, Nigeria

This hymn is very soothing and comforting to me especially in today's world that is bedevilled with crisis of all kind. It reminds me of God's total care and protection in our turbulent world. It's only in Him that we will find our comfort, safety and rest. Amen.

Rose Lloyd-Martin

London, United Kingdom

While I was talking with Abba Father YHWH this song came to me. I just had to look up the lyrics, so I could sing to the Majestic Shamayim Realm.

Mary Harvey

Queensland, Australia

I hope you will accept my response of Mary Young of Austin Texas back in 2018. I was so moved by her life’s near death experiences. She was a blessing to me. I looked up the lyrics of Under His Wings because whilst the refrain was going through my mind, I couldn’t remember the verses and I knew they had some precious gems to cover my present situation as they had in the past.

Now I have seen the verses again, it is so wonderful. God has reminded me of the ones of the past and there are other new ones fitting my present position. God is so wonderful. I, as well as Mary Young from Texas have Psalm 91 written on my heart as a promise from God for quite a few difficult situations i. e. miscarriages, ovarian cancer (mum) and many other things where my faith has kept me going. I’m not musical but I wake up with songs in my head and go to sleep with them to. Thank you people for supplying this website