You walked alone, the cross’s narrow way

You walked alone, the cross’s narrow way;
Gethsemane—there we went our ways.
The Shepherd, lone, sheepless, staggers on,
In dark and cold, embers nearly gone.
  Though men’s hands seized forcibly,
Men spat, cursed, despising Thee,
Your face was set firm as flint—and yet,
Why could I not Your name confess?
Why walk alone the cross’s narrow way?
Your words of grace, men with curse repay.
Instead of sighs, mockery they make;
Why did Your God His dear Son forsake?
  Falling tears I cannot stay;
You turned, sadly looked my way.
Although I said I would die with You,
How faithless is my love for You!
Alone, You took the cross’s narrow way;
On Calv’ry’s mount, bore my sins away.
By piercéd hands, am I yet constrained?
By wounded side’s strong embrace contained?
  That first love, I can’t forget;
But that foll’wing heart, I left.
In love, You gave up Your life for Me;
What have I given up for Thee?
With You I take the cross’s narrow way,
The world forsake, soul-life in the grave.
“Do you love Me?” “Yes, Lord, I love You!”
Nothing I heed, but Your footsteps true.
  Go away, all earthly bribes!
Away, blessings false besides!
That long-ago cross’s narrow way,
Your lovers all should walk today.