Jesus, Thy life is mine

Jesus, Thy life is mine,
Dwell evermore in me;
  And let me see
That nothing can untwine
  Thy life from mine.
Thy life in me be shown,
Lord, I would henceforth seek
  To think and speak
Thy thoughts, Thy words alone,
  No more my own.
Thy love, Thy joy, Thy peace,
Continuously impart
  Unto my heart,
Fresh springs that never cease,
  But still increase.
The blest reality
Of resurrection power,
  Thy Church’s dower,
Life more abundantly,
  Lord, give to me.
Thy fullest gift, O Lord,
Now at Thy word I claim,
  Through Thy dear Name,
And touch the rapturous chord
  Of praise forth-poured.
Jesus, my life is Thine,
And evermore shall be
  Hidden in Thee,
For nothing can untwine
  Thy life from mine.
Patricia Mensah


I really enjoyed this Hymn at the early stage of my Christian life. Up to today, this Hymn still reminds me that my life is His as His is mine. Indeed "nothing can untwine Thy life from mine"

Mike Foley

Ann Arbor, MI, United States

There are not enough hours in a day to enjoy these hymns to the fullest.


Salem, Oregon, United States

I love this hymn! The writer of this hymn wrote many hymns of consecration to the Lord. Surely a life of consecration was her experience. May we all go on and live a daily life full of consecration to the Lord, no matter where we are starting from in our present condition. He will do the work of recovering our whole being to Himself if we open to Him and allow Him to have a way in us. May our daily consecration be enriched by the singing of these hymns so richly provided for us to lead us in the right way, the way that leads to His goal.

T. Diyan

London, United Kingdom

Lord we love You! You took care of our highest need--LIFE! Life abundantly given to us. Our need is not this or that. Save us from the big deceit. Our primary need is life. All our problems come from a shortage of life. Thank You that Your life is mingled with ours! Amen!


NY, United States

I love this song because it reminds me of the assurance and joy of my salvation, a life that will never leave me! Hallelujah!!!!