Some day the silver cord will break

Some day the silver cord will break,
And I no more as now shall sing;
But, O the joy when I shall wake
Within the presence of the King!
  And I shall see Him face to face,
And tell the story, saved by grace:
And I shall see Him face to face,
  And tell the story, saved by grace.
Some day my earthly house will fall,
I cannot tell how soon ’twill be,
But this I know—my All in all
Has now a place with Him for me.
Or some day when my Lord will come,
And called to meet Him I’ll be blest,
He then will say to me, “Well done,”
And I shall enter into rest.
Some day, till then I’ll watch and wait,
My lamp all trimmed and burning bright,
That when my Savior I will greet,
My faith will then be changed to sight.
Ralph Owusu Raphael

Kumasi, Ghana

Wow this powerful hymn always awakens my spirit and eager to steadfast with the Lord Jesus Christ.

I pray for God blessings upon the author.

Deric Cranmer

Ipswich, Suffolk

What hymn book was it in?

Marlow Francis

Madison, AL, United States

What a blessing to know that after the misery of this life there is a heaven! May I be faithful and I want to encourage others to be faithful so we can truly see Jesus face to face and live with Him forever in a peaceful place.

Leigh Powell

United Kingdom

This hymn is of when a person meets the Lord Jesus in the Second Coming of Him to Earth. ,

But how does, in the words of the Old Testament prophet, 'prepare to meet thy God'?.

The Lord Jesus first came to be the Saviour of His people (Matthew 1 verse 21). He did this by living a sinless life, taking away the sins of the world in His body on the cross, and rising from the dead for us. If people repent and believe the above work of Jesus, they shall be born again of the Holy Spirit (John chapter 3 verse 3), and be on this way to Heaven.

Only when a person is born again can they look forward to meet Him face to face (1 John 3 verses 1 and 2).

Rojan Thomas

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

What a beautiful song! The thrill to see her Saviour is reflected in every stanza of this song. An inspiring song to renew our hope.

Mary Lou Gdowski

Fullerton, Nebraska, United States

This was my grandmother's favorite hymn. Her grandparents sang it when they homesteaded in Nebraska, singing at pioneer gatherings in the 1870's.

Jishnu Anand

Allapuzha, Kerala, India

Nice song... I really like it👍

Jean Patience

Kolwezi, Lualaba, Democratic Republic Of Congo

I'm sure of that thing because He died for me.

I'll be in the presence of my beloved God and Saviour, The One Who loved me.


Niagara Falls, New York, United States

What a woman of God! Blind all her life and yet she wrote 8000 plus hymns of the Christian faith. Look what our Lord did through one woman! Quit wallowing in self pity, get up and surrender your life to God. He wants to do amazing things through you. Forget those things behind and stretch Sonward brother or sister. Don't delay!

Theophilus Nkem Nwogwugwu

Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

This song reminds me that one day we shall be cut up where all our sufferings will cease

And we shall meet with Jesus face to face.