Some day the silver cord will break

Some day the silver cord will break,
And I no more as now shall sing;
But, O the joy when I shall wake
Within the presence of the King!
  And I shall see Him face to face,
And tell the story, saved by grace:
And I shall see Him face to face,
  And tell the story, saved by grace.
Some day my earthly house will fall,
I cannot tell how soon ’twill be,
But this I know—my All in all
Has now a place with Him for me.
Or some day when my Lord will come,
And called to meet Him I’ll be blest,
He then will say to me, “Well done,”
And I shall enter into rest.
Some day, till then I’ll watch and wait,
My lamp all trimmed and burning bright,
That when my Savior I will greet,
My faith will then be changed to sight.
Theophilus Nkem Nwogwugwu

Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

This song reminds me that one day we shall be cut up where all our sufferings will cease

And we shall meet with Jesus face to face.



Nancy Joyce

Toms River, New Jersey, United States

I hsve loved this song since childhood going to church every Sunday. Some people say this song depresses them, but I see it in a positive way.

We all die, whether we like it or not. If you are a Christian then this song brings overwhelming comfort that our Savior Jesus has a wonderful new life for us. We will never grow old, we will all be young and strong with amazing abilities for all eternity! There is no sorrow, and there is no death! I urge you to learn of Jesus. He loves you and gave His Son to suffer and die for your sins, so you can enter into His eternal kingdom and be with Him forever. God is a holy God and had to punish sin. So Jesus did for us what we could not do for ourselves. He offered Himself as a sinless sacrifice for all who will accept Him as not only Savior, but as complete Lord of your life. He will never force His salvation on you-----you must realize that you are a sinner apart from God. If you repent to God of your sins He is faithful to forgive you and take you to His kingdom when your earthly life is over for an eternity of endless joy in His presence. Why on earth would you not accept His offer of salvation and eternal life??? Email me if you want to know more. I am 72 years young and Jesus has been my guide and best friend most of my life. God bless you as you consider the most important decision you will EVER make------?



My maternal grandmother's favorite hymn. Loved hearing her sing it, and loved this elegant piano solo.

Judith Palmer

Ballajura, Western Australia, Australia

I just love this song. It always blesses me.

James Johnson

Waynesville, NC, United States

When I was a teenager my mother would play this song & many others & I would sing the two of us long into the night. I never realized for such a time as this would come but once. Then "I shall see Him face to face"! Hallelujah!

Warren Dunham

Indianapolis, IN, United States

Thanks very much for reminding us of this marvelous song. Many today are giving their lives for the Savior the wold over. WHAT A JOY AS THEY AWAKE IN THE PRESENCE OF THEIR KING OF LIFE. "Be thou faithful unto death and I will give thee the crown of life: Rev. 2:10.


Jayapura, Papua, Indonesia

My favorite song!



I love this song it means a lot to me as I am currently through major health issues. I love Jesus so very much.

Alademomi Alfred

It always bring a re-assurance of hope, joy, splendid happiness the believer will have when eventually heaven is gained as the last home.

JMichal Montgomery

INDIAlantic, Florida, United States

Need this for the comfort and hope of a dear friend who has only recently lost his wife. She and he recently concluded their 50th anniversary in Hawaii, US and visited their daughter in celebration to share their joy. She took a hot tub soak, asking to fill the water with foam for a picture which her husband took. When he showed the family in the house all cam to congratulate her and she had expired in the interim in the tub, floating under water. God took her silently and quickly. Joy and sorrow often hug each other in such a simple and sudden departure to His Glorious Presence.