I have a song I love to sing

I have a song I love to sing,
  Since I have been redeemed,
Of my Redeemer, Savior, King—
  Since I have been redeemed.
  Since I have been redeemed.
Since I have been redeemed,
I will glory in His name;
Since I have been redeemed,
  I will glory in the Savior’s name.
I have a Christ that satisfies,
  Since I have been redeemed,
To do His will my highest prize—
  Since I have been redeemed.
I have a witness bright and clear,
  Since I have been redeemed,
Dispelling every doubt and fear—
  Since I have heen redeemed.
I have a joy I can’t express,
  Since I have been redeemed,
All through the Lord, my righteousness—
  Since I have been redeemed.
I have a God who is for me,
  Since I have been redeemed,
With whom I’ll dwell eternally—
  Since I have been redeemed.
Steve Yogo

Kayogo, Gwassi, South, Suba South, Homa Bay, Kenya

One of my favorite hymns. Must seek for its translation to Ekisuba.


Kano, Nigeria

So assuring & soul lifting

Nhial Gatwech Chuol

Akobo, Jonglei

It's a very nice song. I love it.


Arcadia, CA, United States

Being redeemed feels good.

Yemi Idowu

Lagos, Nigeria

I found myself singing this hymn today around the house. It’s wonderful to be redeemed.

Jason Montecarlos

I've been redeemed!

Aderinola Omolabi

Maryland, United States

I woke up singing this song and I looked it up on the Internet with the tune. What a joy to be reminded that I've been redeemed. Praise God for the life of Bro Excell. It won't be long.

Tyler Fletcher

Lauderdale Lakes, FL, United States

This is awesome.

Deborah Barrows

Velburg, Bavaria

For some reason I woke up singing this song this morning but I couldn't remember all the words so I looked it up on the Internet. This is a great little site! Thank you Steve for your insightful comments. I grew up in the Detroit area and my father was the song leader at our church. And yes, to all the other comments, it's awesome to be redeemed!

Steve Miller

Detroit, MI, United States

Excell was born in Ohio. At the age of 20 he became a traveling singing teacher establishing singing schools. He was associated with a southern evangelist, Sam Jones. Excell was recognized as one of the best song leaders in his day, and it is said that he wrote and/or composed around 2,000 hymns and published 50 songbooks. He died at the age of 70 while assisting Gipsy Smith in his evangelistic campaigns. - Songs of the Spirit by Martin


Excel'l's 1909 stanza selection and arrangement of "Amazing Grace" became the most widely used and familiar setting of that hymn by the 2nd half of the 20th century. The influence of his sacred music on American popular culture was substantial enough by the 1920's to garner a satirical reference by Sinclair Lewis in the novel Elmer Gantry.


Stanza 4 line 3 originally says, "All through His blood and righteousness".


Stanza 5 lines 1 & 3 originally say:

I have a home prepared for me,

Where I shall dwell eternally,