Fill me with Thy gracious Spirit

Fill me with Thy gracious Spirit,
  Fill my longing spirit now;
Fill me with Thy hallowed presence,
  Come, dear Lord, and fill me now!
  Fill me now! Fill me now!
  Fill me with Thy Spirit now!
Strip me wholly, empty throughly,
    Fill me with Thy Spirit now!
Thou can’st fill me with Thy Spirit,
  Though I cannot tell Thee how;
But I need Thee, greatly need Thee;
  Come, dear Lord, and fill me now!
I am weakness, full of weakness;
  At Thy sacred feet I bow;
By Thy blest, eternal Spirit,
  Fill with strength, and fill me now!
Cleanse and comfort, bless and save me;
  Fill my broken spirit now!
Thou art comforting and saving,
  Thou art sweetly filling now.
Nelson Liu

Irvine, CA, United States

Fill me with Thy Spirit now!


Gainesville, FL, United States

Thank You, Lord, You are comforting and saving, You are sweetly filling now!

Lord empty me throughly so You can fill me with Your Spirit now!

Saints In CIFW, TX

Fort Worth, TX, United States

We enjoyed the word “throughly” in the chorus, that it is a process that starts from the inside, instead of “thoroughly” which would indicate working from the outside. Lord, fill us throughly!

Crystal McDougall

Hamilton, New Zealand

As God's people we bear the sign of taking Christ as the Sabbath. The Sabbath means that before we work for God, we need to enjoy God and be filled with Him. If we have enjoyed God and if we have been filled with God, then we are ready to work for Him. Such work will not be by ourselves; it will be with God and one with God. May we be those continually being emptied and filled with the Lord!

Jorge Minjarêz

United States

O Lord how I needed this hymn this morning

Debbie Franks

Portland, OR, United States

Eph 5:18, 19 . . . be filled in spirit, speaking to one another . .

“Such speaking, singing, psalming, giving of thanks to God (v. 20), and subjecting of ourselves to one another (v. 21) are not only the outflow of being filled in spirit but also the way to be filled in spirit. ” Footnote

Amos Kimani

Naivasha, Nakuru, Kenya

I need Thee, greatly need Thee;

Come, dear Lord, and fill me now!



Lord remive the blockages in our heart, that hinder You from filling us now. You are the only reality.

Dawn Citto

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa


I am weakness full of weaknes, Come & Fill Me NOW!!


El Monte

With boldness I say, “Fill me Now”