Joys are flowing like a river

Joys are flowing like a river,
Since the Comforter has come;
He abides with us forever,
Makes the trusting heart His home.
  Blessed quietness, holy quietness—
  What assurance in my soul!
On the stormy sea He speaks peace to me.
    How the billows cease to roll!
Bringing life and health and gladness
All around, this heavenly Guest
Banished unbelief and sadness,
Changed our weariness to rest.
Like the rain that falls from heaven,
Like the sunlight from the sky,
So the Holy Ghost is given,
Coming to us from on high.
See a fruitful field is growing
Blessed fruits of righteousness,
And the streams of life are flowing
In the lonely wilderness.
What a wonderful salvation
Where we always see His face!
What a perfect habitation!
What a quiet resting place!

LC, LA, United States

My sister reminded me of how much this song meant to our grandmother. Reading the words I can now understand why.

Elvis Ekam

Ikeja, Nigeria

Since I was a little boy, this song has always been my driving force that stimulate my spiritual life. It is the source of my joy; this song has dramatically change my life and personal relationship with God.


"What a wonderful salvation

Where we always see His face!

What a perfect habitation!

What a quiet resting place!"

Lord may I always see Your face! Keep me in the index of Your eyes! The only real rest is when we are in Him, basking in His love...regardless if our life is going well or in shambles outwardly, He is our rest! Thank You Lord Jesus!!!


Carshalton, Surrey, United Kingdom

Week of destruction and frustrated by situation. At a prayer meeting, a lady sing this song...suddenly my heart feel the calmest and peace. The blessed quietness as the song in my heart no language can describe & tell.


Windhoek, Africa, Namibia

I like this song since I was in grade 8. Our school choir use to sing it many times at the morning devotion and it take only a few days to know it. It's always a joy to listen and sing it.


Nairobi, Kenya

Just in the morning I have arrived at my work station. Being July it's cold with a breeze of wind then I had a song in my soul which I learned when I was in high school and the calmness that I used to enjoy. I couldn't avoid but to read through the message and sing through the soft and calm hymn. How sweet to enjoy such blessed quietness........

Harriet Christian

Mobile, Alabama

I learned this song when I joined church at nine years old. When I am the only person still singing the 3rd verse, my daughters ask me "How do you remember those verses? I told them that I guess they are planted in my soul!!

Steve Miller

Detroit, MI, United States

Manie Payne, born in Carlow, Ireland, was a Christian, but she did not know peace. She struggled with her sinful nature until she began to experience the fullness of the Holy Spirit. This is the "blessed quietness" that she wrote about. Once that occurred, she was so happy she could hardly contain herself. Indeed, joy was flowing like a river in her life.

Later she married T. P. Ferguson and founded Peniel Missions, with branches in Egypt, China, and the west coast of the United States. - Great Songs of Faith by Brown & Norton

Anselme Hategekimana

Victoria, BC, Canada

Serving God in quietness is wonderful, yes what a quiet place to be in HIM! AMEN. May He grant us the priviledge of serving Him in this dying world.


I thought it was very beautiful I am on this piece in my 8th grade grammer and I thought it was magnificent!