Ten thousand thanks to Jesus

Ten thousand thanks to Jesus,
  Whose life our ransom paid,
Whose blood a full redemption
  For all the world has made:
Let every heart adore Him;
  Let every creature sing
Ten thousand thanks to Jesus,
  Our Savior and our King.
  Ten thousand thanks, ten thousand thanks,
  We’ll praise Him o’er and o’er;
And for the life with Him to live,
    Ten thousand thousand more.
Ten thousand hearts to Jesus
  How gladly would we give;
Ten thousand lives to Jesus,
  Had we so long to live;
Ten thousand tongues shall praise Him,
  Ten thousand songs ascend
To Him, our blest Redeemer,
  To Him, our dearest Friend.
Ten thousand thanks to Jesus
  For blessings every hour;
Ten thousand times ten thousand,
  For love’s redeeming pow’r;
And when He comes in glory
  His blessed face we’ll see,
His love through endless ages
  Our sweetest song shall be.

Farmington, MI, United States

Sometimes when I sing this hymn I feel I still am keeping my own reserve of "lives" . He may have 9, 500 of my lives but I may keep a few lives for myself. Lord gain more in my being. You are so worthy!

Abigail Wei

Delhi, India

My mother's favorite hymn. A beauty to sing about giving ten thousand lives to Jesus, but let's not forget to give him our all with our one life right now!

Sister Ma

Beijing, China

Ten Thousand and ten thousand more and more praise for our lovely Lord!


Deal, Kent

A wonderful hymn. We sha'll never completely know how much we owe our Saviour till we meet Him in glory.

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