Glory be to Him who loved us

Glory be to Him who loved us,
Washed us from each sinful stain;
Glory be to Him who made us
Priests and kings with Him to reign;
Glory, worship, laud and blessing
To the Lamb who once was slain.
Glory, worship, laud and blessing,
Thus the choir triumphant sings;
Honor, riches, power, dominion,
Thus its praise creation brings;
Thou art worthy, Thou art worthy,
Lord of lords, and King of kings.
Glory to the King of angels,
Glory to the Church’s King,
Glory to the King of nations,
Heaven and earth His praises sing;
Glory ever and forever
To the King of Glory bring.
Henrich Brockhaus

Bellingham, WA, United States

There is nothing else we can do but to look at our savior in all His glory with all our heart, soul, spirit and mind and to be constantly amazed how He came to make us part of His glory now and forever to the glory of God the Father Himself. One day we will see our Lord in all His glory in a way we cannot imagine now. What a hope, what a destination. God be praised for ever and ever.

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