A new commandment

A new commandment
I give unto you
That you love one another
  As I have loved you,
That you love one another
  As I have loved you.
    By this shall all men
    Know you are My disciples
    If you have love one to another.
(Repeat the last three lines)
Noah Ting

Sydney, NSW, Australia

This is my favourite song we will love one another because God had loved us first! Amen!


Beverly Hills, California, United States

Absolute beauty


Suva, Fiji

It's a good song. Love it

Luis Nunez

Miami, Florida, United States

Jesus love us so much that He gave His life for us, even do we are not deserving but death for our own actions, and we must obey His command even if we have to face death at times of trouble, dangerous times are coming our way, now is the time to be strong in the Lord and fight the good fight, cause is coming to America, you can see the persecution in the Middle East. Jesus the only Christ, the only Messiah is calling you to be strong!


I Love the song

Vicky Pujari

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Great words. I love this hymn. Before I used to listen to the choir sing this hymn from the last bench of the church but know I'm in choir and I'm singing this hymn solo for a wedding Sunday mass......very excited. May brother Jesus be with me always.


Boston, MA, United States

I dedicate this song to the people of Boston on April/15/13

For the victims and more importantly for the suspect who's currently locked up.


Irvine, CA, United States

I love this song. It fills my heart with joy.

Liann Chan

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

I find this song that I forgot to write in my last message about this song is that this song is like how you should love a person as God has loved all the saint and how he made sacrifices for us. This is why I like this song. You should pray every time you feel down.


Honolulu, Usa, Ireland

Oh, sweet Heavenly Father, comfort that precious one at this time of loss. I'm praying for you!

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