A new commandment

A new commandment
I give unto you
That you love one another
  As I have loved you,
That you love one another
  As I have loved you.
    By this shall all men
    Know you are My disciples
    If you have love one to another.
(Repeat the last three lines)
Liann Chan

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

This song goes into your heart, soul and spirit don't you think?

And it helps bring you to your spirit. For all saints you're never too young to love the Lord and I am only 11 so even I know.


Sharon, MA, United States

When we are thirsty and unwilling to come to the Lord through His Holy Words, this song is good to recall His love to us.


Rhostyllen, United Kingdom

I love this song.

Tom Bonnar

Dumfries, Dumfries & Galloway, United Kingdom

I find this web site to be brilliant. I go in daily and use the music as I spend time with my Lord. It takes you to another level. Praise His holy name!


Oroquieta City, Misamis Occidental, Philippines

I like the song because it encourages me. It makes me love one another because that is the commandment of the Lord Jesus. Amen. God bless us all...

wendy risso

Rockville, Maryland, United States

Amen Lord, we want to follow Your commandment.


United Kingdom

God shows me everyday that He loves me. I am thankful, fulfilled and humbled. And so, I use my voice in prayer with song.


Columbus, North Dakota, United States

The Lord Jesus Christ has loved us, and is loving us, and will love us, and this action of His takes place in the divine sphere; for it is His divine love that we partake of, which is the love He has given unto us to love one another. This is a new commandment that He has given unto us. Yet, we fail to keep His new commandment if we neglect to partake of the divine nature to receive His divine love, which divine love is the love which we love His brethren. And, those who witness this divine love which we partake of, will certainly know we are not just a mere organization, but a people of God, that is, His disciples, a set apart people from the world unto God. This sphere which we live in day by day, moment by moment is the Kingdom of God realized in us and expressed by us in this age. Let us not neglect this new commandment by neglecting the Lord Jesus Christ, but let the kingdom seed grow in us. Amen.


Fullerton, CA, United States

I like this song because this song is so excellent and wonderful for me to remind HIM. HE LOVES ME so much.



I love this new hymn that I learnt today during the Youth Fellowship outing at Labrador Park. A fantastic and meaningful hymn that tells of the LOVE of JESUS CHRIST to all of us. Reminded once again... LOVE ONE ANOTHER coz GOD LOVES me.