God eternal has a purpose

God eternal has a purpose,
Formed in His eternal past,
Spreading to eternal future;
’Twixt these ends all time is cast.
For with time there is the process,
Time for His accomplishment;
And in time we’re merely travelers—
For eternity we’re meant.
God would have a group of people
Built together in His plan,
Blended, knit, coordinated
As His vessel—one new man.
God would come into this vessel
With His nature, life and ways,
Mingling Spirit with our spirits
For His joy and to His praise.
God has worked in three directions
For His plan so marvelous:
As the Father, Son, and Spirit
To dispense Himself to us!
All creation gives the setting—
Heav’n and earth are for this plan;
’Tis for this God made a body,
Soul and spirit—three-part man.
As the center, as the kernel,
Of God’s plan our spirit is;
Calling on the name of Jesus
Makes our spirit one with His.
From the center to circumference
God would saturate each part;
Feeling, mind, and will renewing,
Making home in all our heart.
Thus in life we’re built together,
Then in love we’re knit as one;
God is now His plan fulfilling,
Finishing what He’s begun.
Lord, increase Thyself within us
That we might be built by Thee
Into that great corporate vessel
Filled with God exclusively.
As the product, the fulfillment,
Will the church in glory stand,
Consummation of the purpose
In eternal ages planned.
God will have His corporate vessel,
All His glory to contain;
Lord, we’re wholly for Thy purpose
All Thy goal in us attain.
Joshua Ryee

Walnut, California, United States

Praise the Lord!

Chioma Chukwu

Nike, Enugu State, Nigeria

Lord, we are wholly Your purpose. Make Your home in all our hearts. Increase Thyself within us. Praise You for Your eternal plan. Hallelujah. Amen.

S Thomas

Woodlands, TX, United States

Sang to the Lord on Lord's day, 08/16/2015

Big Dave

Ftw, TX, United States

Lord Jesus!!

Juanito de Guzman

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

This is a great song.

Krista Viena Sindac

Baler, Aurora



Kiev, Ukraine

Praise the Lord for such a good hymn!

Juan Carlos Bejarano

La Paz, Bolivia

We need to know God's work, and the unique work in the Lord's recovery. Hallelujah for the three directions, He has dispensed Himself into humanity to acomplish HIs plan!!! Praise the Lord!!!!!!


Evansville, IN, United States

Praise God! This hymn shows the same as what the book of Acts reveals a group of people who live in the divine history within the human history as the acting God; they have become God in life, nature, expression and in function (but not in the Godhead) for the spreading and building up of the church as the corporate manifestation of Christ.

Thomas L Agawu

Ho, Volta Region, Ghana

God broke eternity into two to accomplish His eternal plan. He limited Himself by creating man with a will. Man has opposed Him all these centuries. But God would have a group of people built together in His plan. Lord, we're wholly for Thy purpose/ All Thy goal in us attain.