We have oil in our lamps—we are burning

We have oil in our lamps—we are burning!
  We have oil in our lamps today!
To the spirit, O Lord, keep us turning,
  Keep us turning, turning all the way!
  O Lord! Amen! Hallelujah!
We are burning, burning every day!
O Lord! Amen! Hallelujah!
  Turning, turning all the way!
But our vessels need oil for Thy coming;
  We must gain a reserve supply.
So our vessels we give for the filling
  That our lamps may never, never die.
  Fill us, Jesus! Fill us, Jesus!
Every moment give us more of Thee!
Fill us, Jesus! Fill us, Jesus!
  Fill us with reality!
Then we’ll burn till the Lord comes to meet us,
  Then we’ll burn till He comes that day.
Then we’ll go in with Him to the wedding
  And be brightly burning all the way.
  Come, Lord Jesus! Come, Lord Jesus!
Come and find us filled and burning bright!
Come, Lord Jesus! Come, Lord Jesus!
  Come and in Thy Bride delight.
John Solomon

Phoenix, Arizona, United States

I have oil in my lamp. I am burning


United States

Lord, we need to gain the reserve supply. We just want to keep spending time with Him and buying the oil. Lord, make us the prudent ones!


Gainesville, FL, United States

Hallelujah we are lamps filled with oil! Lord, may we be the prudent virgins buying the costly oil. Help us to redeem the time! May you empty us of all other things and fill us more each day until we are fully saturated with Your Spirit!


Peoria, Arizona, United States

I am a child and for me I really like this song. I want to have oil in my lamp and be burning.

Hudson Davis

Austin, TX, United States

Our vessels need oil for thy coming!!


Amen we have oil in our lamps!!!!!

Jeff Hall

Sterling-Worcester, Massachusetts, United States

You can buy oil any time you are in your spirit in oneness with The Lord! Get anointed in the recovery!

Silvia Nunez

Verdun, QC, Canada

Come, Lord Jesus! Come, Lord Jesus!

Thanks for fill us, oh God.


West Lafayette, IN, United States

Fill us now, Jesus!


United States

Enjoying the Lord with the saints at Lafayette! Praise the Lord!