There’s a church in New York City*

There’s a church in New York City*,
Standing on the local ground;
There’s a lampstand brightly beaming,
Shining out to millions ’round.
We were raised from every nation,
Every people, tribe, and tongue—
With us God has gained a dwelling,
’Tis where all His own may come.
In your midst, O New York City,
Little do you realize—
Fallen is a seed within you,
’Midst corruption it shall rise;
Rising up in resurrection,
With an increase many fold,
It shall blossom, manifesting
Riches of God’s life untold.
For the church in New York City
Faithfully the saints have prayed.
’Gainst the church in New York City
How the devil is enraged!
For behold, within the center
Of his kingdom, dark and grim,
God has gained a testimony,
Moving, fighting on for Him.
There’s a church in New York City
Who the gospel does proclaim,
To the hungry, poor, and weary,
Sick, imprisoned, and the lame.
Now this gospel of the kingdom
Shall be preached until the end;
Till the Lord who with the kingdom
Of the heavens does descend.
There’s a church in New York City,
Honoring the risen Christ;
Caring for the other churches—
Following in truth and light;
With them in coordination,
We the kingdom will possess;
Fighting as one mighty army,
Till the kingdom’s manifest.

The name of the city may be replaced with other names that fit the meter: e.g. San Diego, San Francisco. Or, the first line of each verse may be sung as follows: There's a living church in Dallas, Houston, Cleveland, etc.


thank you Lord for your wisdom in your counterpart

Carol Strange

Denton, TX, United States

I heard this hymn this week and saw a revelation of the church in a city as a bright shining testimony of Christ being lived out through his people. This is a glory to God and a blessing to the people in that city even if they are unaware of it. Our experience of living Christ in our daily life matters. Especially during the time of this pandemic when we cannot meet in person, I need to experience Christ and be built up with the Christians in the city where I live. What a blessing, the Triune God expressed on earth!

Kenneth Bones

Lisburn, Ulster, United Kingdom

A wonderful revivalist hymn. After the Two Towers incident, we need hymns like this.