God’s life and building can be seen

God’s life and building can be seen
  Within the Song of Songs;
He shows by types His seeking ones,
  The Bride for whom Christ longs!
She, as a team of horses shows
  A love, so swift and strong!
But this is love that’s natural—
  It pulls the world along!
As time goes by, her concepts change,
  With dove’s eyes she can see
That naught can with her love compare—
  There’s none so dear as He!
A lily she is now to Him
  (For still the Lord draws on),
Her faith is not in earthly toil,
  But in the wondrous Son.
She’s next a dove who hides herself
  Within the cloven rock;
Now in her Lord’s ascended life
  Is love which knows no shock!
Of smoke, a pillar she’s become,
  And now, as wand’ring ends,
Her wills to His will are subdued,
  What fragrance sweet ascends!
Behold His couch . . . (O, can this be?)
  E’en midst the fearsome night . . .
She now affords her Lord such rest,
  The foe is put to flight!
A vessel to contain the King!
  (This type is full of worth.)
A palanquin He’s made Himself
  For His move on the earth!
Of wood this vessel is composed:
  Christ’s ris’n humanity.
Its silver pillars for support
  And floor of gold we see!
The seat of purple signifies
  Christ is of kings the King.
To Him, as fittings for within,
  Their love His dear ones bring!
The day will come—(’tis surely soon)
  And glad will be Thy heart—
What boast and glory to Thyself;
  Thy crown, Thy counterpart!
A garden fair, enclosed is she
  With spices, fragrant, sweet.
She now brings forth materials
  The building to complete!
A city pleasant, comely, too;
  No greater building, this!
So beautiful, yet to the foe
  A conq’ring army ’tis!
As we eat Jesus, praise the Lord,
  The transformation’s done,
Until at last, the work’s complete—
  Christ and His Bride are one!
Frank Pytel

Chicago, Illinois

The building work in the purpose of the Beloved Christ is a process that does not quickly take place. Many little responses of obedience to Him, many choices of loving Him, and many surrenders to Him day by day constitute the building up. May the neck of every lover of Christ be as a tower growing and being built up for His purpose and pleasure (S. of S. 4:4)!