The Lord of all has shown His plan

The Lord of all has shown His plan
  Unto each faithful one,
Who leaves behind the worldly things
  As virgins for His Son.
To be His Bride we must match Him,
  Within and outwardly;
To be this one who matches Him,
  Enjoy Him constantly.
Like virgins who so single are,
  They love the Groom so much,
They in His presence ever stay—
  Lord Jesus, make us such.
Lord, make us those who are so wise,
  Who gain You every day,
The wise ones who enjoy the feast,
  Who all the price will pay.
The virgins are mature in life,
  They grow so normally.
They daily eat and drink the Lord,
  Their lot eternally.
Our need today is growth in life,
  Christ’s inward work indeed;
Not knowledge, teachings, gifts, nor pow’r—
  But life is all we need.
Lord, as the seed of life within,
  Grow more in us each day;
By spreading from our deepest part,
  Gain us in every way.
Lord, strengthen Thou our inner man;
  Make home in all our heart.
Fill us completely with Thyself
  In every inward part.
R. C.

New Zealand

"... Do you have the assurance that you will be included as part of the bride? Are you content merely to attend the church meetings as a so-called Sunday-goer? I do not believe that anyone who is merely a Sunday-goer can be part of the Lord’s bride. When the time comes for the Lord to take His bride, will you be ready? Will you be qualified and matured? Will it be necessary for the Lord to say to you, “I saved you, but you have not yet grown”? We all need to grow and mature so that we may be qualified at the Lord’s coming to be included as part of His bride". (Life-Study of 2 Corinthians, Chapter 21, Section 3)

What a privilege it is to be in this ministry that prepares us to be the bride of Christ! May we be wise and prudent to redeem our moments and our days in the time that the Lord has measured out to us. Lord, grow and work in us day by day to produce us as your beautiful, loving and seeking bride!



Lord, make us wise ones, who pay all the price to gain You and enjoy You as the feast.

Anna Bellingham

Irvine, CA, United States

Lord, strengthen Thou our inner man!

Make home in all our heart!

Fill us completely with Thyself

In every inward part!