A mighty flowing-out is God

A mighty flowing-out is God,
He flows throughout the ages.
And so to flow Himself to man
He is in many stages;
Yet still one God is He,
One flow eternally;
His stages pave the way
To flow through man today,
And now He flows within us!
In the beginning we can see,
God as a flowing river,
The river to convey the tree,
Himself as life deliver.
And at the end the same,
The river doth remain,
God in the Lamb doth flow,
The tree prevails to grow,
And God flows on forever.
God flowed Himself into a man,
The man we call Christ Jesus.
He gave up His own life for man
And God’s own life releases.
Though Satan did his best
To put God’s flow to rest—
He had Him crucified
And cruelly pierced His side—
But out came blood and water!
The blood and water flowed from Him,
In streams of pure salvation.
The blood brings cleansing from all sin;
Water, regeneration.
And now the Spirit flows,
Brings God where’er He goes.
All he could do, the foe,
Was just release the flow.
And God just keeps on flowing.
Leira Ruth


Praise the Lord for being such a MIGHTY flowing-out! In order just to flow Himself to man, He had undergone many stages! And not even Satan's best could stop Him to flow! God just keeps on flowing! Hallelujah! Oh Lord, deepen the mightly flow in us!

Frank Kennedy

Newport News, Virginia, United States

The flowing of this river began on the cross when our Savior was pierced and out flowed blood and water. This river flows throughout the entire Bible and consummates in the flowing river city with the tree of life in the New Jerusalem where God and man have been fully blended, mingled, and incorporated. This is the destiny of the reality of the church as the built up Body of Christ. Praise the Lord for flowing river which makes glad the city of God.

Charles Wayne Hennessy

Tucson, AZ, United States

During the singing of this hymn by the brothers and sisters in the Los Angeles Young Peoples Conference in the Spring of 1972, I heard the Voice of many waters described in the book of Revelation. And now in all the intensified trainings we can hear Him this way!

John Tarus

Nairobi, Kenya

Thank You Lord for Your flowing in us as Life. What a refreshing song for me today. I ENJOY CHRIST NOW EVEN IN THE OFFICE. Amen. Thank you saints who wrote the song. The Lord indeed let you out His abundance in your spirit.

Ezekiel Koo

Ansong, Ggyonggy Province, South Korea

Amen!! Hallelujah! God keeps on flowing! Lord Jesus! Let me the person who can release this divine and pure flow through me wherever I go!! Still love You, Lord Jesus.


London, United Kingdom

God is a mighty flowing-out! Hallelujah! God is always advancing and He never stops. If you see this, if you believe this you will praise the Lord!

Ivy Zhong

Beijing, China

Amen! Our God is a flowing river, He flows out of the throne and now He flows in us, He will never be tired of flowing. Praise the Lord for this wonderful, life-giving flowing!

Chloe Duros

Hallelujah! All he could do, the foe, was just release the flow. And God just keeps on flowing!!

Daniel kim

Jin-Ju, Gyeong Nam, Korea

I really enjoy the flowing of God overflowing through us this morning !!

Reymar Yu

Saray, Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte, Philippines

A mighty flowing-out is God. That's why I really really LOVE Jesus, my Lord.

The churches in some places have encountered opposition. However, the more the enemy opposes, the more the flow is released (see Hymns, #1198, stanza 4). We should welcome the opposition, because it only speeds up the pace of our spreading.