Oh, Christ in all His glory put on humanity (Alternate Tune)

Oh, Christ in all His glory put on humanity
So He could be my Person, and live instead of me.
A man in life and being, He fully fits my case,
So all His glorious Person can me replace.
  O Lord, O Lord, You are the man for me!
  I take You as my Person, as my full identity.
  O Lord, O Lord, subdue my every part,
  And every moment, every place, make home in all my heart.
Oh, Christ became the Spirit to speak inside of me,
And as the speaking Spirit He speaks unceasingly.
His speaking is the water that washes me within,
Discharging all my oldness, imparting Him.
  O Lord, O Lord, speak all You want to me.
  Your speaking is Your presence—I must have it constantly.
  O Lord, O Lord, speak-wash my every part
  And by this metabolic change, make home in all my heart.
Oh, Christ will come, the Bridegroom, for us, His glorious Bride,
By coming from within us the church is glorified.
His Person is the glory expanding now in us;
This glory is our Person—how glorious!
  O Lord, O Lord, by Your economy
  So flood us with Your glory, saturate us thoroughly.
  Come out, come out, break forth in glory here,
  And from the church, O glorious One, in glory soon appear.