He’s the vine and we’re the branches

He’s the vine and we’re the branches,
We should e’er abide in Him,
And let Him abide within us
As the flow of life within.
  In the vine, in the vine,
In the vine, in the vine,
We would know Thee, Lord,
  more deeply,
  E’er abiding in the vine.
As we hear His instant speaking,
He’s the rich indwelling Word;
To abide we must be faithful
To the speaking that we’ve heard.
For ’tis here we know abiding
In the real and deepest way;
If we love our Lord completely,
We would do whate’er He’d say.
Then His love abides within us,
And in love abiding, we
Know the joy of life-communion,
Full and perfect harmony.
Oh, how precious this abiding,
Oh, how intimate and sweet;
As the fruit of life is added,
And our joy is made complete.


Thank God, finally found a site with this beautiful piece that echoes John 15

Ana Lara

Storrs, Connecticut, United States

Silas Jones Vail, the tune-writer for this hymn, was born October 1818, and died May 20, 1883. For years he worked at the hatter’s trade with Beebe on Broadway, New York and afterwards in his own establishment. His taste and talent led him into musical connections, and from time to time, after the giving up his trade, he worked with Horace Waters, Philip Phillips, W. B. Bradbury, and F. J. Smith, the piano dealer. He was a choir leader and a good composer.

(Brown and Butterworth)

Janet Christiansen

Palatine, Illinois, United States

Love the song but I would like to have had the accompaniment with it, not just the chords.