Jesus, keep me near the cross

Jesus, keep me near the cross,
  There a precious fountain,
Free to all—a healing stream,
  Flows from Calv’ry’s mountain.
  In the cross, in the cross,
  Be my glory ever;
From the cross my ransomed soul
    Nothing then shall sever.
Near the cross, a trembling soul,
  Love and mercy found me;
There the Bright and Morning Star
  Sheds its beams around me.
Near the cross! O Lamb of God,
  Bring its scenes before me;
Help me walk from day to day,
  With its shadow o’er me.
Near the cross I’ll watch and wait,
  Hoping, trusting ever,
Till I see my Savior’s face,
  Leave His presence never.

Kigali, Rwanda

It is near the cross that we are humbled to behold the love, the mighty that secured our salvation and the magnitude of sin. To Jesus who paid the penalty, to the Father who gave His son, and to the Holy Spirit who resurrected Christ from the grave, I am forever be grateful🙏

Deji Oye

Lagos, Nigeria

This hymn just came to mind after I listened to an audio sent by my Pastor. I'm always ever so blessed whenever I sing through the hymn no matter the situation around me.


Albury, New South Wales, Australia

This old song from my teen years in the 60’s came into my mind. I had to look it up and sing it through - it’s January 11 2021 and we are all going through troubled times. ‘Jesus, keep me near the cross’ indeed

Wilbert Dawsey

Dothan, AL, United States

If there ever been a time we need to be near the cross, the time is now ! 😊

Anastasia Macdonald

MK, Bucks, United Kingdom

In my sleep I could here chorus the words near the cross, near the cross. So I googled it and here I am. I'm not particularly into hymns and so when I get that prompting (which has not been the first), I want ask the Lord what is he wants me to know. I really enjoy and blessed by watching other brethrens comments. 🙏🏽❤️😇


Hail, Saudi Arabia

It’s just a nice song, it brings me near the saviour

Elizabeth Tam Zoe

Portharcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

In the course of my personal time of worship and supplication, this song pop up amidst prayers. I tried to ignore it and to continue praying but alas,! ,the urge to sing it was stronger so I paused and reached out to my Ancient and Modern and Sacred songs and solos but couldn't find it in both till I got on here....

Then Peace and Grace flood my heart as I sang it over and over.....


Liverpool, United Kingdom

Such a beautiful song. My husband and I sang it through.. we were. blessed by the words and God's never ending love and grace. Praise God for all His goodness to us.


Lagos, Nigeria

I love this song! I feel very excited and fulfilled each time I sing it


Kasama, Northern Province, Zambia

This hymn is soul healing and singing it along with the lyrics just melts your heart...