I need Thee, precious Jesus

I need Thee, precious Jesus!
  For I am full of sin;
My soul is dark and guilty,
  My spirit dead within:
I need the cleansing fountain,
  Where I can always flee:
The blood of Christ most precious,
  The sinner’s perfect plea.
I need Thee, precious Jesus!
  For I am very poor;
A stranger and a pilgrim,
  I have no earthly store:
I need the love of Jesus,
  To cheer me on my way,
To guide my doubting footsteps,
  To be my strength and stay.
I need Thee, precious Jesus!
  I need a friend like Thee;
A friend to soothe and comfort,
  A friend to care for me:
I need the heart of Jesus,
  To feel each anxious care,
To bear my every burden,
  And all my sorrow share.
I need Thee, precious Jesus!
  I need Thee day by day,
To fill me with Thy fulness,
  To lead me on my way;
I need Thy Holy Spirit,
  To teach me what I am;
To show me more of Jesus,
  To point me to the Lamb.
I need Thee, precious Jesus!
  And hope to see Thee soon,
Encircled with Thy glory,
  And seated on Thy throne;
There with Thy blood-bought people,
  My joy shall ever be
To praise Thee, precious Jesus,
  To gaze, my Lord, on Thee.
Joseph Edward Ryan

Alexandria, VA, United States

This is my first time hearing this tune and singing these words. What a wonderful gift. This is nourishment for my soul. ‘Soul Food’


United Kingdom

This hymn has been my heart cry in the midst of desperate times! I am blessed to be part of a vast company of believers (in Jesus) & who love Jesus & need Jesus every hour of every day!


London, England, United Kingdom

Nothing without You.

Yuri Reyes

I need You more and more Lord Jesus.

Micki Bowman

Pinetop, AZ

We sang this in our OPC Church today and I must say I couldn't get through it without my voice cracking and without tears in my eyes. It so spoke to me. Thank You Lord Jesus. Amen.


Arcadia, CA

Yes Lord Jesus we need You daily !

Sister Jennifer


this song is so good i love the tune