I Love God! He Put the Fish in the Sea

  I love God! He put the fish in the sea,
He put the leaves on the trees,
And the birds in the air, so free!
  I love God! He put the color in my eyes;
And ten toes on my feet, I spy!
And ten fingers on my hands, waving bye-bye!
  I love God! And I think you’ll agree:
That He perfectly placed me
In my family!
Aron Yee Sheng Keat


I love this song.


Yucca Valley, California

Christians are also called BELIEVERS. Yet they struggle with the anti believers. The atheist have their grasp on the world and even Christianʻs education. Christianʻs main Spirit that is a must is BELIEF. It is how we get to heaven, and get reconciled to GOD. How is it we let these people rob Godʻs fold. We want to save that one atheist. Yet he is robbing peopleʻs attention to no effect. He has nothing to live for, no heaven, no purpose. His leader is that of confusion, so his father is.. Let us return to be children of GOD, and realize these people should keep their hands off of GODʻS people. May this song sing, and the atheist be silenced. AMEN.