What is the Jubilee?

What is the Jubilee?
Call on His name and see;
Christ is the life that truly frees us.
Is there some pain within?
Are you a slave of sin?
Come now! Have rest! Return to Jesus!
  Christ is our freedom everyday!
All pain and sin, Go away!
Yes feast on Him everyday...!
This is the age!
Enjoy His grace!
In the Jubilee!
Christ will open your eyes!
Turning darkness to light!
From all authority to God!
We have been cleansed from sin!
We have inheritance!
Sanctified by faith, we were called!
No more am I in pain! (No more!)
No more am I in chains! (No more!)
We know the truth shall set us free!
Christ is our true good land!
Trust in His sovereign hand!
We have the Son, we’re free indeed!
The Spirit is on Me
He has anointed Me,
Proclaim the gospel to the poor.
The captives are released!
Blind sight, recovery!
Promise fulfilled in the Lord!