Within the veil

"Within the Veil": be this, belov'd, thy portion,
  Within the secret of thy Lord to dwell;
Beholding Him, until thy face His glory,
  Thy life His love, thy lips His praise shall tell.
Lord, I come,
Seeking You,
Bring me in,
To Your light,
You're so rich,
You're so full,
My delight.
Open me,
Turn my heart,
Speak to me
In Your Word,
Lord You are
All I need,
I love You,
Precious Lord.
"Within the Veil," for only as thou gazest
  Upon the matchless beauty of His face,
Canst thou become a living revelation
  Of His great heart of love, His untold grace.
"Within the Veil," His fragrance poured upon thee,
  Without the Veil, that fragrance shed abroad;
"Within the Veil," His hand shall tune the music
  Which sounds on earth the praises of Thy Lord.
"Within the Veil," thy spirit deeply anchored,
  Thou walkest calm above a world of strife;
"Within the Veil," thy soul with Him united,
  Shall live on earth His resurrection life.
Eleanor Wakou

Austin, TX, United States

Lord, Open me, Turn my heart, Speak to me, In Your Word!

Lord, I come, Seeking You, Bring me in, To Your light!

Wow, I feel like this needs to be my daily prayer to the Lord! Lord Jesus, we love You!

Constance Boyle.

Woodville, Derbyshire, United Kingdom

This is one of my most favourite hymns, it touches something deep inside me.


New Jersey, NJ, United States

Oh Lord remove the worldly veil! Bring us into the inner veil!


Ypsilanti, MI, United States

Lord, may we live within the veil.

Ray Turner

Dedham, Massachusetts

My research on the Hebrew temple veil could have no better theme song. The descriptions of the veil (Exodus 26 &36, Ezekiel 1 & 10, and Rev. 4) is a pattern of the biological polymer, hyaluronic acid (HA). I made this discovery based on my research at NYU & MIT. See www.theobiology.com.

Glorifel Brioso

Bantayan, Cebu, Philippines

Yes sister, it's really a touching line. The hymn is so good, it encourages us to have more fellowship with the Lord. I'm so impressed with the lyrics.


Taipei, Taiwan, Taiwan

I really love this hymn, the lyric deeply touches me. "Lord, I come, Seeking You, Bring me in, To Your light, You're so rich, You're so full, Wonderful, My delight."

Sis. Jerah Loro

Ormoc City, Leyte, Philippines

amen.. Through this song I'm in love with the LORD... THE LORD JESUS is so PRECIOUS..HALLELUJAH!

Mark John


This song refreshes me and also my love to the Lord Jesus. I really enjoy this song.


Oroquieta City, Philippines

Amen always in Spirit PTL all song is so wonderful. pls contact my number +639267535876. we need a proper vision of the Lord paul is pattern to us. amen.

A hymn such as #642 in Hymns does not merely teach us. On the contrary, it unveils spiritual reality to us. Our need is not just to learn doctrines, but to open ourselves to the Lord so that we can see something. We should pray, "Lord, I open myself to You. I want to see more of You as an all-inclusive Person. Show me how Your all-inclusive death and resurrection includes me." Then as we listen to the speaking concerning Christ, we will begin to see something. What we see becomes a reality within us. Then we live by what we have seen.